The Burgers at The Burger Company

Palermo Soho . Buenos Aires


Overall Rating

  • Meat 70%
  • Bread 70%
  • Condiments 70%
  • French Fries 70%
  • Ambience 60%
  • Service 80%
  • Value 80%


Overall Rating

Trapiche Alaris Dulce Consecha

Restaurant Details
The Burgers at The Burger Company

Locale: Palermo Soho Address: Honduras 4733

Telephone: Unposted

Restaurant Type: Fast Casual, Hamburger Restaurant
Cuisine: Burgers Price: $ Hours: Sun-Sat Noon to Midnight[/types] [/types] [/types]

Summary of Review
The Burger Company has the personality of a chain fast-food restaurant with a bit more class and much better burgers. Ollie O prefers this less "Bohemian" ambiance to the disarray at nearby Burger Joint.

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Trapiche Alaris Dulce Consecha

Restaurant Review for The Burgers at The Burger Company

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Rating: 3.8 stars
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Is there room enough in Buenos Aires for another burger joint? Apparently so. Think fast food. Pour in an ounce of casual dining and class. Shake well. And what you do you get? The Burger Company.

If I were forced to describe the genre of this place I suppose I would put it in what is called fast-casual dining in the USA. It’s fancier than your typical Carl’s Jr or Burger King in the USA. And although it has a certain fast-food-chain feel to it (with illuminated menu boards and cashiers taking orders and accepting payment in advance at a counter), the quality of the burgers and the décor is a little more like a casual-dining restaurant with table service. And the restaurant is much larger than the pint-sized fast-casual restaurants like Perez H, Mi Barrio Burgers, or 180 Burger Bar that are churning out high-quality burgers with elaborate ingredients in extremely small spaces with limited seating.

In all honesty, I wasn’t really expecting these burgers to be any better than the burgers they’re flipping over at Dean & Denny’s or Mostaza. But I was pleasantly surprised. The beef patty had a slight caramelized crust yet was still moist and juicy inside. The bun was fresh and moist. The cheese on the burgers (other than the blue cheese burger) is supposed to be cheddar cheese but looked and melted like American processed-cheese that’s typically served on burgers in the USA. Whatever it was, it was good. For our burger comparisons, we only order and try the simple cheeseburger with standard condiments.

But Burger Company had a host of burgers with elaborate ingredients and big Dagwood-style burgers stacked high will multiple patties.

There’s a standard cheeseburger with a 125g beef patty (¼ lb), a slice of cheese, tomato slice and lettuce, a bacon cheeseburger, the Duchess (double meat, double bacon, double cheese), and the Bacon-Blue Burger with caramelized onions and blue cheese,

The décor is much nicer than your typical fast-food restaurant. Slightly less fast-foodish than Argentine fast-food chain Mostaza. And a little more refined and stylish than Dean & Denny’s.

The Burger Company is Ollie O’s personal choice for a burger in Palermo Soho. Yeah. We know. The Burger Joint is in Soho. But that place is over the top Bohemian. Just a little too disorganized and sloppy for normal folks. Despite the cookie-cutter feel of The Burger Company, we still prefer it over the disarray at the Burger Joint.

The Burger Company Palermo Soho


The Burgers at The Burger Company

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