The Burgers at Pony Line

Retiro . Buenos Aires


Overall Rating

  • Meat 90%
  • Bread 90%
  • Condiments 80%
  • French Fries 80%
  • Ambience 90%
  • Service 90%
  • Value 60%

Trapiche Alaris Dulce Consecha

Restaurant Details
The Burgers at Pony Line

Locale: Retiro
Address: Posadas 1086

Telephone: +54 11 4321-1200
Restaurant Type: Casual Dining, Gastro-Pub
Cuisine: Burgers, Eclectic
Price: $$$
Hours: Mon-Thu 11 am to 2 am[/types] Fri 11 am to 3 am[/types] Sat 6 pm to 3 am, Sun 5 pm to 1 am[/types]

Summary of Review
Best Burger in town. Hands down. It's expensive, but if you've got a craving for a really good burger, this is it.

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Trapiche Alaris Dulce Consecha

Restaurant Review for The Burgers at Pony Line

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Rating: 4.3 stars
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In preparation for our Burger Joint Faceoff in Buenos Aires we have been sampling an endless array of burgers served up at a variety of venues, from sleazy little sidewalk “take-out” joints, to bars that serve burgers and finger-foods to satisfying the munchies of their beer drinking patrons and a few high end restaurants offering “gourmet” burgers.

We’ve tasted burgers at restaurants that have received high marks in online reviews and in magazines and newspapers. Quite frankly, most were huge disappointments. I love burgers. I make no bones about it. So I have high standards and until this last weekend, none of the dozen or more burgers I’d sampled came even close to satisfying my burger standards.

Well, I had resorted most recently to visiting bars that served burgers in an attempt to find someone that could make me happy. Duarte, Bar 878 (Thames 878), Brooklyn and Indiana had all failed me. Even the high-falootin’ Kansas, that does so many things right, had come up short on producing a burger that could make me happy.

Well, I found myself at the even more high-falootin’ Pony Line, the casual restaurant-bar in the Four Seasons Hotel, as I had heard through the grapevine that they had a descent burger there. At about US$11.50 (ARP$140) for a burger and fries this puppy better be special or we’ll be tearing it up on our Value rating.

So out it comes. The first thing that jumps out at you when this burger arrives is the bun. It’s gorgeous. It’s got some fancy cheese like asiago melted on top of the bun. The bun is buttered and grilled. Yum. I could have just eaten the bun if the rest failed me.

We made it clear we wanted that burger done medium-rare and juicy. It actually came just a tad overcooked but it with this patty it didn’t matter. Great Caesar’s Ghost! This was a great patty. I don’t know what they’re grinding up back there but they hit the nail on the head. Perfect content on the good juicy stuff. And a real slice of cheese. Nothing fake. Nothing processed. Just real cheese. Beautiful sliced pickles. This thing was a work of art.

It was so darn pretty I took a photo of the thing from three angles. Enjoy!

We went there just to sample the burger for the review. We had intended to split that and the fries, down a beer, and call it a night. This burger was so good my buddy ordered another one and ate it all.

And the fries? Spot on. Buttery on the inside. Crisp on the outside.

They bring you a little collection of a fancy mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise just in case you want some. But that burger was dressed perfectly. It didn’t need any help from me.

Want a good burger? Go to the Pony Line. End of sentence. End of discussion.

The Burgers at Pony Line

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The Burgers at Pony Line

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