The Pernil Sandwich at the Caracas Bar

Palermo Soho . Buenos Aires

Pernil Sandwich Caracas Bar Buenos Aires


Overall Rating

  • Ambience 70%
  • Service 70%
  • Food (Execution) 70%
  • Creativity 70%
  • Value 70%

Trapiche Alaris Dulce Consecha

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The Pernil Sandwich at the Caracas Bar

Locale: Palermo Soho Address: Guatemala 4802

Telephone: +54 11 4776-8704

Restaurant Type: Casual Dining, Gastro-Pub
Cuisine: Price: $$$ Hours: Mon-Fri - 11:30am to 8pm[/types] Sat-Sun 11:30am to 6pm[/types] [/types]

Summary of Review
The pernil sandwich at the Caracas Bar is very, very good. If the dance floor is full of sexy latinas shakin' it while you're eatin' that sandwich that's just the icing on the cake.

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Trapiche Alaris Dulce Consecha

Restaurant Review for The Pernil Sandwich at the Caracas Bar

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Rating: 4.0 stars
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From the street, Caracas Bar doesn’t look much different than any other two-bit dive in Buenos Aires. And on entering the bar, it doesn’t look all that much more impressive. It’s a bar, but they have a diverse food menu.

That menu isn’t lengthy, but what’s there looks very appetizing. Tequeños (fried cheese sticks), cachapas (Colombian corn griddle cakes folded over and stuffed with cheese and other goodies), about ten varieties of stuffed arepas, a duo of pint-sized hamburgers (slightly larger than sliders, but smaller than a regular burger), and a few sandwiches. Basically, this is a Colombian street food stand located in a bar.

I’m a tad partial to pork sandwiches. There are two (or is it three, or four) pork sandwiches that made onto our list of favorite sandwiches in Buenos Aires. Each has a slightly different personality.

Well, the pernil sandwich at Caracas Bar has a slight Venezuelan personality. They slow-roast this pork shoulder for a few hours at very low temperature in the oven, pile it on a fresh oregano-flavored roll with melted cheese and drench the whole thing in a delicious “meatball” sauce. It’s accompanied by potato chips.

They also serve the famed Venezuelan sandwich, the Reina Pepiada. It’s served in the form of three stuffed arepas on a platter. But those are made with chicken. At ComaBeba, we like chicken. But we prefer pork. We’ve had the Reina Pepiada at Caracas Bar. Like the rest of the food it was very good, as are all the stuffed arepas.

But that pernil sandwich is our favorite. It’s good. And if the dance floor is full of sexy Venezuelans shakin’ it while you’re eatin’ that sandwich that’s just the icing on the cake.

Caracas Bar - Palermo Soho

The Pernil Sandwich at the Caracas Bar

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