The Hot Pastrami Sandwich at La Crespo

Villa Crespo . Buenos Aires


Overall Rating

  • Heart and Soul 90%
  • Bread 100%
  • Condiments 90%
  • Ambience and Service 80%
  • Value 80%

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The Hot Pastrami Sandwich at La Crespo

Locale: Villa Crespo Address: Thames 612

Telephone: +54 11 4856-9770

Restaurant Type: Casual Dining
Cuisine: Middle Eastern Price: $$$ Hours: Mon-Fri - 11:30am to 8pm[/types] Sat-Sun 11:30am to 6pm[/types] [/types]

Summary of Review
A pastrami sandwich that rivals the deli classic at Katz's in New York City? Yep. It's that good!

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Trapiche Alaris Dulce Consecha

Restaurant Review for The Hot Pastrami Sandwich at La Crespo

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Rating: 4.5 stars
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I’ve had more than a handful of pastrami sandwiches in Buenos Aires. Quite frankly. None were even reasonable facsimiles of the sandwich of New York delicatessen fame. Why is it Argentine cooks feel compelled to take a classic and butcher it (pardon the pastrami pun)?

Well when I walked into La Crespo I wasn’t expecting anything much better than all the other failures I’d experienced.

To my surprise, my unbelievably pleasant surprise, the pastrami sandwich at La Crespo wasn’t only a reasonable facsimile of the real-deal, it perhaps exceeded the classic. The pastrami was very good. Real pastrami. And here’s the important part . . . it was sliced paper-thin and a nice batch of it was piled on a dark, delicious, fresh, moist slice of a pumpernickel-like bread, along with caramelized onions and served with, of course, a pickle.

This is a rare find in Latin America. A pastrami sandwich that lives up to the Katz’s Deli variety they serve up in NYC.

They have lots of good things at La Crespo. But this sandwich is to die for. Don’t miss it.

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La Crespo - Buenos Aires

The Hot Pastrami Sandwich at La Crespo

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