Papa Bill's Stadium - Polanco

Polanco . Mexico City


Overall Rating

  • Ambience 80%
  • Service 70%
  • Food (Execution) 80%
  • Creativity 90%
  • Value 80%

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Restaurant Details
Papa Bill's Stadium - Polanco

Locale: Polanco
Address: Séneca 349

Telephone: +52 55 1055 0950
Restaurant Type: Casual Dining, Gastro-Pub
Cuisine: Mexican
Price: $$$
Hours: Mon - Wed 1 pm - 1 am[/types] Thu - Sat 1 pm to 2 am[/types] Sun 1 pm to 8 pm[/types]

Summary of Review
Papa Bill's. Mexico City's most notable sports bar/restaurant. Shows both American and Latin sports on big screens. Menu is loaded with American and Mexican sports bar classics, from hot wings to tacos. Good food and service. The Polanco location is family friendly with a special area with supervision for the little ones. Great concept, well executed.

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Trapiche Alaris Dulce Consecha

Restaurant Review for Papa Bill's Stadium - Polanco

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It’s not always easy to follow my beloved Dallas Cowboys football team while living in South America. But in Mexico City they are adopting many North American ways and American football has become increasingly popular there.

While walking the main drag in Polanco (Av Presidente Masaryk) I noticed a sports theme restaurant that had big screen TVs and lots of flat screen TVs hanging on the walls in two large dining rooms. I peeked in, asked the waiter whether they were showing American football on Sunday and found out that the Cowboys and Eagles game would be shown in the restaurant on Sunday afternoon.

So naturally, come 3 pm on Sunday, I was in route to Papa Bill’s Stadium Restaurant to watch the game. This restaurant is located in a large free standing building in Mexico’s City’s busy Polanco neighborhood. With two very large dining rooms the restaurant can likely seat about 200 people or so. And there’s a large bar in one of the rooms.

I elected to sit at the bar to watch the game and munch on some game day food. The décor in this restaurant is nice. It sort of has a hunting lodge feel to it with hunting trophies adorning the walls (in the few places where televisions aren’t located). They have blue gingham table cloths and the waiters clad in black uniforms. The menu is pretty extensive. It runs the gamut from finger foods to steaks.

One of the most unique things about Papa Bill’s is that there is a space set aside in the restaurant for kids to play and work on arts and crafts. Lots of clay piggybanks were getting some pretty colorful decoration on this particular Sunday. This keeps the youngsters occupied while the parents are dining, having a drink or two, and watching sports on the big screen. The kids actually look forward to going out because of this highly imaginative feature of the restaurant. Obviously, the restaurant is family friendly.

Papa Bill’s has a decent assortment of beers. I ordered a Dos X’s Amber to get things rolling and tortilla chips and salsa. The chips are served with a pureed bean dip, a mild green tomatillo sauce, a spicier red sauce and some pickled carrots and jalapenos.

By half time, the Cowboys were winning 3 to 0. I decided to switch to a lighter Sol beer (similar to a Corona) which I felt would likely bring them luck in the 2nd half.

I then ordered the beef tongue tacos. The tacos were good, but not great. The meat could have been seasoned a little more and some of the small strips of beef tongue were overcooked. But despite these shortcomings these tacos were pretty satisfying.

The best news of all (unless you’re an Eagles fan) is that the Cowboys won the game.

For anyone looking for a place to have a few drinks and some decent food while watching your favorite sporting event, Papa Bill’s is a great choice. Have a herd of the young ones accompanying you? The whole family will be welcome at Papa Bill’s.

As for me … I’m not superstitious. But next time I’m in Mexico City on a Sunday when the Cowboys are playing you’ll be sure to see me at “Lucky” Papa Bill’s.

Papa Bill's - Polanco

Papa Bill's Stadium - Polanco

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