The Burgers at Mi Barrio

Recoleta . Buenos Aires


Overall Rating

  • Meat 60%
  • Bread 80%
  • Condiments 80%
  • French Fries 60%
  • Ambience 60%
  • Service 50%
  • Value 60%

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The Burgers at Mi Barrio

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Telephone: Restaurant Type: Fast Casual, Hamburger Restaurant Cuisine: EUROPEAN GROUP
Meals Served: Lunch, Dinner
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Restaurant Features: Table Service, A la carte Menu, Burgers

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Summary of Review
Mi Barrio Burger Bar/Restaurant. Small, clean and modern. Order burger with assortment of condiments from large chalkboard. One of the few options in Recoleta for a good cheeseburger.

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Trapiche Alaris Dulce Consecha

Restaurant Review for The Burgers at Mi Barrio

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Rating: 3.3 stars
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Yet another burger on the agenda today. I was running some errands in Recoleta and decided it would be a good day to sample the burgers over at Mi Barrio Hamburguesería, a little hamburger joint about a block west of Pueyrredon on Arenales.

This place is small with a bar along one wall and three or four tables. There’s not really any table service. The menu is on a big chalkboard on the wall and you order at the cashier and sit down and wait for the burger to arrive. They do bring it out to your table and will bring a salt shaker, and some bottles of ketchup and mustard to the table.

The have all kinds of fancy condiments added to about 16 or so burgers, all named after the various barrios in Buenos Aires. My friend opted for the San Telmo (with mozzarella, tomatoes confit, basil, and a garlic mayonnaise) and I had the Barrio Norte (with blue cheese, caramelized onions, and tomatoes confit, with that same garlic mayonnaise).

We ordered the burgers “jugoso” but once again was warned about the dangers of uncooked meat. We of course warned the friendly guy taking the order of the dangers of overcooked meat (i.e. rendering the burger tasteless and inedible).


At any rate, when the burger arrived it was cooked a bit beyond medium. But worse, the meat, as usual, fell way short of what I was craving. It was an average patty at best. The bun was pretty good. Fresh baked. I could barely taste the blue cheese. It tasted more like plain ole goat cheese. But on the whole the condiments were pretty unique and tasty.

The French fries weren’t really French (or Belgian for that matter). They were rustic thick cut fries, just barely crisp on the outside. For my money, they could have been fried up a just a few minutes more to make them just a little crispier on the outside. But they were light years better than the fries at the Burger Shack.

They also have a fancy lemonade they push with ginger and mint. It’s pretty tasty but like the maniac I am I’d rather have something clearly more unhealthy like a Diet Coke. They also have this unique order of French Fries called the Papas Fritas “Mi Barrio” that is breaded on the outside and fried. Personally, I didn’t like them but I suppose that’s more of a personal preference. You can give them a try and let us know what you think. I’m sticking with the standard fries if I ever return.

There aren’t many places in Recoleta or Barrio Norte to get a good burger. Despite the fact that this one is barely better than average in my opinion, it’s probably as good as you’ll find in the neighborhood. There’s a Dean & Denny’s up by the cemetery and those burgers are pretty good, a whole lot cheaper and little bit smaller. But I think these burgers probably have those beat. The place is clean, cleverly contrived, and reasonably priced. If you’re looking for a casual sit-down or take-out this is a pretty good choice. Average cost of a burger is about US$5.25 (ARP$65). Fries will run you an extra US 80 cents (ARP$10) as part of the burger combo.

A descent burger. And a nice place to sit. But my quest for the Holy Grail is still on.

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The Burgers at Mi Barrio

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