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Antonia López de Bello 40
Cuisine(s): Eclectic Gourmet . Cost: $$$$$ . Restaurant type: Upscale Casual
Summary: What Restaurante 040 lacks in size or ambiance is countered by an uber-creative tasting menu that takes you on a culinary adventure that’s as visually stunning as it is tasty. It’s a bit outside the box, but most gastronomic adventurers will relish t …

Cuisine(s): Burgers, German . Cost: $$$ . Restaurant type: Hamburger Restaurant
Summary: A clean, modern take on a German kneipe (pub) with an interesting and well-executed menu. Bar food usually loses something in the translation. But not a Kunstmann Kneipe. It’s good beer and good food!

Constitución 136
Cuisine(s): Chilean . Cost: $$$$ . Restaurant type: Upscale Casual
Summary: Peumayén Ancestral Food takes you on a culinary pilgrimage where you’ll experience the cuisine of Chile’s indigenous people and it’s unique ingredients. As educational as it is delicious.

Cuisine(s): Seafood . Cost: $$$$ . Restaurant type: Casual Dining
Summary: Puerto Bellavista, located in the popular food and shopping portal, Patio Bellavista, has a clean, modern and tasteful décor. Quality of service is inconsistent, as is the execution of the relatively pricy menu.

Cuisine(s): Burgers . Cost: $$$ . Restaurant type: Hamburger Restaurant
Summary: Burgers and Beer. Uncle Fletch pays homage to the alleged inventor of the burger, Fletcher Davis. Outstanding and unique burgers. And great craft beers on tap. Our favorite spot for burgers in Santiago.

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