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Copa Airlines

Fernet Branca Unleash the Herbs

The Singular Hotel - Lastarria

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Providencia, Vitacura
Cuisine(s): American Cuisine, Eclectic . Cost: $$$ . Restaurant type: Casual Dining
Summary: Chili’s in Santiago, Chile. Has a nice rhythm doesn’t it? Sounds better than the food tastes. The only thing worse than the food is the service and the competency of the guys in management.

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Cuisine(s): American Cuisine, Eclectic . Cost: $$$$ . Restaurant type: Casual Dining
Summary: For a selfie photo next to a guitar signed by Lenny Kravitz that he probably never played, Hard Rock Café is your only choice. For good food there are much better options up the escalator. We tell you why in this less-than-favorable review.

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Las Condes
Cuisine(s): American Cuisine, Eclectic . Cost: $$$ . Restaurant type: Casual Dining, Gastropub
Summary: Sport Café, an American-style sports-bar that primarily shows Latin American and European soccer games and tennis matches, offers average food and average service.

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