Breakfast at Ninina Bakery

Palermo Soho . Buenos Aires


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  • Ambience 80%
  • Service 70%
  • Food (Execution) 90%
  • Creativity 90%
  • Value 80%

Trapiche Alaris Dulce Consecha

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Breakfast at Ninina Bakery

Locale: Palermo Soho Address: Gorriti 4738

Telephone: +54 011 4832-0070

Restaurant Type: Cafe, Casual Dining
Cuisine: Price: $$$ Hours: Mon - Thu 8 am to midnight[/types] Fri 8 am to 1 am, Sat 9 am to 1 am[/types] Sun 9 am to midnight[/types]

Summary of Review
One of Ollie O's favorites for breakfast in Buenos Aires. Eggs Benedict, omeletes, pancakes and waffles. All in a pleasant ambiance. Busy on weekends, mid-day.

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Trapiche Alaris Dulce Consecha

Restaurant Review for Breakfast at Ninina Bakery

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I had avoided eating breakfast at Ninina Bakery for quite some time for a couple of reasons. Attempts to get a table on a couple of occasions had been thwarted on a Sunday afternoon because of the place being incredibly busy. And, I had been disappointed by the burger at Ninina during out Burger Face-off in Buenos Aires. I just hadn’t been enthused enough about returning for those reasons. But we’ve noted that the failure of a restaurant to deliver on a savory dish doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t excel on pastries and such. Decata, who is good with the desserts and baked items, but, average at best on preparing savory foods, is a perfect example.

But wanting to complete our assessment of restaurants serving a good breakfast, I found myself peddling the trusty Trinx from my abode in Retiro through the maze of streets and bike trails leading up to Palermo Soho, early one weekday morning. Because I was arriving early on a weekday morning, I was sure to avoid any possible wait for a table.

Ninina Bakery is a big single room with a high ceiling and plate glass spanning the entire front of the space from floor to ceiling, allowing lots of light to pour into the restaurant. A clean white subway tile wall spans the left side of the room and the natural wood floors, tables and chairs create a contrasting warmth to the stark white tiled wall. A very pleasant atmosphere, especially in the morning.

I’ve received good service on almost all my visits to Ninina, although on the most recent visit my dining partner was served lukewarm coffee and we had a bit of trouble getting it heated up. At any rate, I’ve always been pleased with the service despite this one awkward incident.

I like the mix of patrons in the restaurant as well. On more than one occasion I’ve struck up conversations with customers at nearby tables.

The breakfast options are as expansive as I’ve seen on a menu in Buenos Aires. The usual baked goodies. Yogurt and fruit. Waffles and American-style pancakes. And a full range of eggs-centric menu items including omelets and Eggs Benedict.

The pancakes and waffles are topped with fresh fruit. I inquired about maple syrup. No surprise. Not available. But in all honesty, the fruit, enhanced with a nominal amount of a sugar-syrup, provided enough sweetness that I didn’t miss the maple syrup at all. Those pancakes, adorned with the assortment of fresh fruit, were perfect just the way they were served.

I’ve had the Belgian waffle with the same fruit treatment, but felt the pancakes, that seemed to soak up a bit of the syrup on the fruit, were a better choice.

I’ve had the Eggs Benedict and get this, they make and serve the dish with real English muffins. That’s a first in Latin America! That muffin was just a tad undercooked but I must give Ninina a gold-star for effort.

Having had a variety of great items for breakfast, I can confidently say, that Ninina is my personal choice for breakfast in Buenos Aires. And there’s an added benefit. When I ride the bicycle to and from my apartment, I burn off a good portion of the calories consumed at breakfast there. That’s good news for my overburdened bathroom scale.

Ninina Bakery

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Breakfast at Ninina Bakery



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