Formal dining restaurants, like the grand restaurants in French hotels that serve elaborate multi-course meals on tables draped with white table cloths, are quickly approaching extinction. Even the world’s most luxurious hotels are changing the format of their best restaurants to a format that’s more casual, albeit a very sophisticated casual. Dining out is no longer confined to the realm of the privileged and wealthy, as it used to be. The most successful restaurants are now accessible to a younger and rapidly expanding upper middle class throughout the world. The new catchwords are no longer “elegant” and “formal”. They’re “trendy” and “happening”. That’s what the patrons want. And that’s what the restaurateurs of the world and are now giving them. We’ve just added a category for a restaurant type called “upscale casual”. Most of the new celebrated restaurants in Latin America now fall into this genre. Here’s our list of the best ones in Mexico City.

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