Fatoush de Otoño

Mishiguene – Palermo Zoológico

Fatoush de Otoño Mishiguene Buenos Aires

We’ve seen some pretty unique salads in our search for the Prince Charming of the salad world. But none more unique than the Fatoush de Otoño at Mishiguene in Palermo Zoológico. It’s as beautiful as it is delicious. And that’s saying a mouthful (pardon the pun). Make sure you divide those crunchy candied almonds into a few slivers so you can a tiny slice of almond into every bite. If you mount the fork correctly, you’ll get a piece of sweet, tender beet, a smidgen of goat cheese, a bit of pickled onion, a little chip of pita crisp and a sliver of that sugary almond into each bite. Ahhh. A sweet music. It’s a salad symphony. Fatoush, in the key of “beet”.

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Langostino Salad

Möoi – Palermo and Belgrano

Langostinos (Shrimp) Salad at Mooi

In a city where a salad usually means wilted lettuce and unripe tomatoes accompanied by a bottle of cheap oil and vinegar, the Langostinos (Shrimp) Salad at Möoi is a breath of fresh air. The shrimp were perfectly seasoned and sautéed. It’s easy to overcook shrimp, but these were perfect. They were accompanied by sweet, fresh slices of tomato, ripe avocados, and crisp corn tortilla chips, set on a bed of lettuce (mostly romaine). It was all perfectly dressed with a slightly sweet pesto-style vinaigrette. This one’s a winner!

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Roasted Squash Salad

Shout Café – Retiro


Shout is a gastropub cranking out cocktails, food and music upstairs in the evenings. But for lunch it’s a quaint little café/bistro offering some the best lunch fare in the city.

This chicken and squash salad features a pumpkin-like squash that roasted on the open-flame to give it a smoky flavor. Chunks of grilled chicken-breast are added. Then it’s all put on a pile of butter lettuce with a creamy dressing. Simple, but effective, and oh, so delicious. But if you want this salad you’ll have to visit during the day. It’s only available on the lunch menu. (If you’re looking for a vegetarian option at Shout in the evening, try the vegetarian lasagna. It’s one of the tastiest lasagnas in the city. Who needs the meat when you have a vegetarian option like this one? )

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Ensalada Mediterránia

Import Coffee Company – Retiro

Import Coffee Company Ensalada Mediterránea

A specialty coffee shop is not where you’d expect to find one of the city’s best salads, but the ultra-simplistic Mediterranean Salad at Import Coffee Company in Retiro is, in our estimation, one of the city’s best salads. It’s dressed with a delicious citric vinaigrette. It’s nothing more than fresh baby spinach, thin slices of cucumber, slices of sweet, ripe tomato, peppered with couscous. But sometimes, simple is a good thing!

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Ensalada Espinaca (Spinach Salad)

Le Pain Quotidien – Recoleta, Palermo and Belgrano

Ensalada Espinaca Le Pain Quotidien

It looks so good you’ll think twice about eating it. But you should. It’s delicious. It’s baby spinach leaves and slices of roasted pumpkin and brie cheese, are the stars, accompanied by caramelized red onions and pomegranate seeds (that’s right, pomegranate seeds in a salad in Buenos Aires!). And it’s perfectly dressed in a slightly sweet vinaigrette with a poached egg poached on top. Yum. It’s vegetarian (ovo-lacto with the egg) and gluten free. You can, of course, 86 the egg to make it 100% vegan. Enjoy! There are multiple locations of Le Pain Quotidien throughout the city. Likely, there’s one close to you.

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Veggie-Rocker Salad

 Rock & Ribs – Palermo (Rosedal)

Veggie-Rocker Salad at Rock & Ribs

It’s a vegetarian’s dream. Mixed greens, roasted beets, chunks of blue cheese, and almonds, all lightly touched with a citric vinaigrette. With a salad like this one, I don’t miss the meat.

Seems like this little collection of restaurants under the tracks at the Rosedal in Palermo is a salad-lover’s dream. The Langostinos Crocante Salad at Mooi is on our list of the best salads in Buenos Aires too.

So many salads. So little time.

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Ensalada Criolla (with Sweetbreads)

 Club Social – Barracas

Ensalada Criolla (Sweetbreads) at Club Social

Yum. This salad is good! It’s the most sophisticated rustic salad in town. A little assortment of lettuce leave, includes some French-style fringy, purple lettuce and some slightly bitter radiccio, with a few halved, sweet cherry tomatoes, perfect dressed, accompanying some perfectly seared, melt in your mouth, morsels of sweetbreads, perfectly (and I do mean perfectly) seasoned, intermingled with some sweet caramelized red peppers and onions. It’s a symphony on a plate.

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Peras Salad

Ninina Bakery – Palermo Soho

Peras Salad at Ninina Bakery Buenos Aires

The Peras Salad at Ninina Bakery features radicchio, endive, arugula, pears, walnuts and blue cheese. Tip: That radicchio is naturally quite bitter. Having the two large leaves in the salad is a bit more than I personally prefer. Cut up one leaf at a time and toss with the other cut-up ingredients. Then add more from the other leaf to suit your personal taste.

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Caesar Salad

Möoi – Palermo Hollywood, Rosedal and Belgrano

Mooi Caesar Salad Ensalada Palermo Rosedal Belgrano

Möoi has the honor of having, not one, but two salads in our list of the best salads in Buenos Aires. We’ve had dozens of Caesar Salads that miss the mark by a mile. It’s a salad with very few ingredients. Romaine lettuce, a creamy Caesar dressing, Parmesan cheese and croutons. The biggest mistakes made by most restaurants is using something other than romaine lettuce and using grated low-quality Parmesan cheese. This one gets it right. It’s the best rendition of the classic we’ve seen so far in Buenos Aires. The little beet sprouts added to the top make this salad as beautiful as it is delicious.

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