Best Restaurants in Palermo Hollywood

Palermo Hollywood, despite its name and a few media related businesses calling the neighborhood home, is nothing like the glitzy Los Angeles neighborhood from which the name is derived.

Palermo Hollywood is the red-headed stepchild in the Palermo family of sub-barrios. If ever there was a hodge-podge of new, old, clean, dirty, growing, dying, artistic, fake, glitzy and heterogeneous businesses and people, all located in 60 square blocks, this is it.

Deciding exactly how to tackle our challenge of finding the top restaurants and bars in this confusion was no easy task. I eventually just decided to just start walking and randomly sample meals and drinks in places that looked promising and few that, quite frankly, did not. I kept hoping that a few of these sloppy little corner restaurants would surprise me with the meal of a lifetime. That did not come to pass.

Generally, the places that looked like they had promise, did. We tried to select a variety of genres in our sampling and our choices ran the gambit, from steakhouses to nouvelle cuisine, from German to Italian, from bistro to bar. We visited and reviewed about 50 establishments but you’ll only see about 35 of them reviewed. Remember our site policy. We only review those that score 3 stars or better. The remainder merely get listed in our “Don’t go” section that can be found on the Restaurant Review menu.

So without further hesitation here is our list of the top bars and restaurants in Palermo Hollywood. Those making Top 5 status are definitely worth a visit if you’re spending several days in Buenos Aires or if you live anywhere in the city. But if you live in the area, you might eventually want to try out any of those that earned review status.

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Ratings: Palermo Hollywood Restaurants
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