Aged-Beef Burger

at Pony Line – Retiro

Pony Line Burger

This burger is so good my buddy ate two of them in one sitting. The bartender thought he was kidding when he ordered the second one. He wasn’t. I think he left a few of the fries in the bag on the second round. He said he was on a diet. I didn’t eat two of them but I’ve been back more than once to eat another one. This burger has aged beef, real cheese that melts perfectly, and bun with some exotic shredded cheese melted over the top of that beautiful bun. The fries were good too.

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The L.B.

at El Banco Rojo – San Telmo

El Banco Rojo Burger Revealed

El Banco Rojo is one San Telmo’s few redeeming qualities. The restaurant, which has a fast-casual (order at the counter) format, just completed a much-needed expansion so it now has some luxurious features it didn’t have before, such as tables. They also now have outdoor dining on the back patio. The burgers are cooked on the griddle. Nicely caramelized. They have your typical cheeseburger, called the L.B., dressed up with lettuce, pickles, shredded cheese and the house burger sauce. They typically have an off-menu burger. My fave is Bryan’s Burger with jalepeños (which, of course, is why it’s my favorite). Top-notch burgers. El Banco Rojo, and Perez-H, are about the only viable burger options in San Telmo. We like ’em both.

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Hamburguesa de Ternera (Veal Burger)

at Lobo Café – Puerto Madero

Lobo Cafe Burger

We constantly complain about restaurants that think they can improve a burger by using a more expensive (and less fatty) cut of meat. At Lobo Café, they seem to have moved in that direction without ruining the burger. I don’t know what cut of meat they use but it’s much leaner than the ideal mix for a burger of 70/30, lean to fat ratio. The meat patty on this veal burger is an extremely thick grind, almost like hand chopped beef, but has enough fat to bind it and when cooked to a true medium or medium-rare, it’s still juicy and moist, like it should be. Service is hit or miss, but this is, hands-down, the best choice for a burger in Puerto Madero.

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The Queso

at Perez-H – San Telmo, Centro and Palermo Hollywood

Queso Burger at Perez-H

Three locations, each one small with a a couple of counters with stools seating about 20 hungry peeps. Chalkboard menu. Order at the counter. They got the meat patties right! Plenty of the good stuff that makes a burger juicy. Order from the script or build your own with a host of ingredients. Very inexpensive. Perhaps our favorite burger in the fast-casual genre. It’s the ONLY viable choice in Palermo Hollywood.


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The Bacon Blue Burger


at The Burger Company – Palermo Soho

Bacon Blue Burger at The Burger Company

What do you get when you cross a fast-food restaurant like Burger King with an specialty burger joint like Perez-H or Mi Barrio? Well that would be The Burger Company. It’s got the personality of a big cookie-cutter fast-food restaurant with a bit more class and much better burgers. You only have two viable choices in Palermo Soho. The Burger Joint or The Burger Company. If you like long waits for a burger, limp fries, trash in the dining room, and hanging out with patrons sporting tatooes and dreadlocks, do the former. Otherwise, The Burger Company is the rational choice. We like the Bacon Blue but they have some other choice. Think “creative”.


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The Build Your Own Cheeseburger

at 180 Burger Bar – Centro (Downtown)

180 Burger Bar Downtown Buenos Aires

180 Burger Bar is another ”order at the counter” (what we call fast-casual) format burger joint with two locations downtown. Outstanding, reasonably price burgers. Start with the basics and add your preferred ingredients and sauces. You construct it, they prepare it. Inexpensive but fabulous, juicy burgers done right and cooked to order. We’re torn between Perez-H and 180 Burger Bar for favorite in this fast-casual format. Heck. Try ’em both. Preferably on the same day! Like many downtown establishments they are only open on weekdays. For burger on Saturdays downtown you can try Perez-H on Maipú, a few blocks away. On Sunday you better catch a taxi.

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The Mexican

at Trixie – Palermo Hollywood and Costanera

Mexican Burger at Trixie

Trixie is the Buenos Aires attempt at copying the decor of the classic American Diner and featuring some pretty classic American fare. It’s the only joint in town serving American-style chili (chili con carne) on a burger (the Mexican Burger). Be forewarned that the standard version of the Mexican is served with funky-melted “cheddar” (not likely) which gringos know as either “Cheez Whiz” or “ballpark nacho cheese”. Both are misnomers since there likely isn’t any cheese in this stuff. We recommend you 86 the cheddar sauce and request it be replaced with the cheese they serve on the Cheese Burger. But to each their own.

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The Barrio Norte

at Mi Barrio – Recoleta (2 locations)

Barrio Norte at Mi Barrio 

Mi Barrio is a fast-casual format specialty burger restaurant with multiple locations in Recoleta. Similar in format to 180 Burger Bar downtown, it has a counter and about three tables for seating. It likely serves as many or more burgers to go than it does for dining in. Mi Barrio has a catchy gimmick of naming the variety of burgers on the chalkboard menu after the most famous of the barrios in Buenos Aires. Each “barrio” has a different collection of ingredients to suit a variety of tastes. I typically order the Barrio Norte with blue cheese, caramelized onions and tomato confit. In Nov of 2016 prices were hovering around 100 pesos. Fries are extra. They tend to overcook the burgers. Beg them pull it off the griddle before it burns.

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