Best Breakfast Options in Mexico City

Where to eat breakfast in Mexico City?

While living in Buenos Aires and Santiago I was always complaining about being unable to find suitable places to eat breakfast. Especially the “two eggs with sausage and bacon” variety of breakfast that many Americans, Brits and Aussies are accustomed to. Back where I come from a croissant and cup of coffee just doesn’t fit into the definition of breakfast. The lack of viable breakfast options in Santiago is so bad that the American diner chain, Denny’s, is one of only a handful of options. Well, I’m glad to report that this shortage of breakfast options doesn’t exist in Mexico City. In fact, the variety of options you have for breakfast in DF, including options that include an egg or two, are more expansive than anywhere I’ve ever visited or lived. Here are our picks for the restaurants offering the best breakfasts in Mexico City.

Best Breakfast Restaurants Mexico City

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Breakfast at Casa Portuguesa


Casa Portuguesa Polanco Mexico City

The front terrace of Casa Portuguesa overlooks Parque Kennedy and on a Saturday or Sunday around 11 a.m. or noon the sidewalk and the park on the other side of the street are a beehive of activity. Mariachis strolling by. Vendors selling pinwheels and trinkets. It’s a great spot to sit and have a cup of coffee or breakfast for an hour or two. There are two and a half pages of breakfast dishes on the menu. Everything from scrambled eggs, drowned in exotic sauces, to Eggs Benedict. Its the most varied breakfast menu we’ve seen in Mexico City. And all at extremely reasonable prices. There’s no better place for breakfast on a Saturday morning in CDMX.

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Breakfast at Diana Restaurant


Breakfast at Diana Restaurant St Regis Mexico City

The view from the rooftop terrace at Diana Restaurant in the St Regis Hotel, overlooking the Fountain of Diana, and the Paseo de Reforma, is outstanding. The restaurant is first-class in every category. Beautiful décor and flawless service. Try the Huevo Motuleños, a delicately fried egg covered in a delicious and very light red salsa, topped with peas and little bits of ham, and an added bonus . . . a few slices of cooked plantains. The menu is a la carte or there’s a full breakfast buffet that’s outstanding. And despite all the glitz, the prices are really quite reasonable. Nothing more than you expect to pay for an equivalent meal at any nice restaurant.

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Breakfast at El Mayor

Centro Histórico

El Mayor Mexico City Breakfast

El Mayor is a ComaBeba favorite for breakfast or weekend brunch Mexico’s capital city. Located on the rooftop of an old building overlooking the archaeological excavation of the Templo Mayor, this place is just about as pleasant a setting as you can find for enjoying a cup of coffee and your daily allotment of eggs. They have omelettes, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, with or without salsas, pancakes and crepes. Service is top notch. The waiters are friendly and efficient. There’s even a little gal making homemade corn tortillas while you watch. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, El Meyor is a guaranteed pleasant experience.

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Breakfast at Eno

 Roma Norte

Eno Roma Norte Polanco Mexico City

Eno lives up to its good reputation and immense popularity. The decor is sleek and and the atmosphere is comfortable. There are a variety of breakfast items on the menu, a page and half of them to be exact. Eggs poached, scrambled, and fried. And yogurt, granola and fruit for those of you that haven’t yet grasped the importance of eggs for breakfast. Heck they even have French toast. There’s often a wait for a table at the Polanco location, but typically not in Roma Norte. This is the best choice for breakfast in Roma Norte and in Polanco if the wait for the table doesn’t spoil your appetite.

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Breakfast at Maison Kayser


Maison Kayser Mexico City

On Paseo de Reforma, within steps of many of the city’s biggest hotels lies a French bakery, churning out bread and pastry. As an added bonus there’s a beautifully designed restaurant as part of this fancy French boulangerie, with a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, including eggs prepared in a variety of ways for breakfast. Want an omelet? They can do that. Eggs Benedict? Croque Monsieur? Croque Madame? French toast? Yep. They have them all. They have WIFI and it worked flawlessly on our recent visit. The restaurant is usually full during breakfast hours and service can be a bit inattentive. But to get a good breakfast, it’s worth the sacrifice. Maison Kayser has multiple locations in CDMX. Our photos are from the location on Reforma.

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Breakfast at Mon Dieu


Mon Dieu Cuauhtémoc Mexico City

Mon Dieu is a cute little restaurant located about a block off Rio Lerma in Cuauhtémoc. There are only about six tables seating about 16 customers. Check it out if you live in the neighborhood or are staying in one of the many hotels within a few blocks of this locale. Their specialty is a cheese of Swiss origin (but produced in Guadalajara) called raclette. We’re able to add this one to our list of restaurants serving breakfast with eggs. They serve chilaquiles, which is a very popular Mexican dish (similar to Tex-Mex nachos) served throughout the day. It’s available with eggs or au gratin with the Swiss raclette, with either a red or green chili sauce. Great little restaurant. Check it out.

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Breakfast at Ojo de Agua


Ojo de Agua Mexico City Júarez

Ojo de Agua is a clever mix of restaurant and fresh food market that is appealing to every sense. The menu is creative, boasting fresh ingredients. At the Júarez location, you order at the counter and then the food is delivered to your table. On two recent visits, the service at the counter was friendly and attentive, the tables were kept clean, and the order was delivered to the table within 5 to 10 minutes of the time it was ordered. Everything was exactly as expected based on this genre of restaurant. The prices, contrary to what the consumer reviewers have stated on the restaurant’s Facebook page are not expensive. They are among the lowest we’ve seen in CDMX.

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Breakfast at El Cardenal

Júarez and Centro Histórico

El Cardenal Mexico City Centro 6

El Cardenal isn’t flashy. It isn’t trendy. It’s just a nice restaurant, appropriately updated to keep pace with the changing world, and consistently providing quality food and service. Breakfast or lunch at El Cardenal won’t likely be your most memorable meal in Mexico City, but it’s the place you’ll go back to time and time again because you just know it will be consistently good. For breakfast it’s traditional Mexican breakfast fare with a little more panache than the typical fonda. The original location in Centro Histórico is in an old building, exhibiting the typical charm of the establishments in the area. The other location in Júarez adjoins the Hilton Hotel Alameda and has a slightly more contemporary ambiance.

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Breakfast at Fonda Mayora


Fonda Mayora La Condesa Mexico City Huevos Encamisados

Fonda Mayora, a casual and inexpensive restaurant in La Condesa, has a menu and kitchen orchestrated by Gerardo Vázquez Lugo, the chef of the extremely popular restaurant, Nico’s, in the Mexico City suburb of La Clavería. The décor is anything but impressive at Fonda Mayora. It looks about like any other corner café. On a recent morning visit we had the Huevo Encamisado, a fried egg encased in a corn tortilla and covered with black beans. The egg was perfectly cooked, the tortilla was fresh and soft, and the beans were an interesting addition. The breakfast was inexpensive and well executed. Fonda Mayora is an excellent choice for breakfast if you live in the neighborhood. But for a little variety we also like the breakfasts a Breakfast Condesa and Manduca, both within walking distance.

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