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Pizza is more popular in Buenos Aires than any city in the world, including Rome. You’d think with this being the case and being a city with residents that are primarily of Italian descent, the city would have some outstanding pizzerias, right? You’d be wrong. If there’s one thing foreigners that visit or live in the city all agree on, it’s that despite this passion, Buenos Aires has some of the worst pizza in the world. And we must admit, we love an occasional visit to one of the city’s legendary pizzerias like El Cuartito or Guerrín. And just within the past couple of years, a few pioneering Porteños have brought some more authentic versions of the classic Italian flatbread dish to the blossoming restaurant scene in Buenos Aires. But it’s easy to miss the forest for the trees. That’s why we’re here. There are a few of each in our list of the Best 10 Pizzerías in Buenos Aires.

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