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Los mejores restaurantes


de Buenos Aires

No need to wear a jacket or a dress. In fact, you can likely get in the front door in pair of Bermuda shorts. Our picks for the top restaurants in this genre focus on making the dining experience comfortable and unintimidating, and most are more reasonably priced than those in our upscale casual dining category. Some are cozy and quaint. Some are sleek and trendy. Many serve the same quality of cuisine you’d get the world’s most prestigious restaurants, but the ambience is warm and inviting. These are places you visit twice week, not twice a year. We’ve selected the cream of the crop of the casual dining restaurants. We have not included steakhouses, nor restaurants that put as much focus on cocktails and brewed beverages as they do on the food menu in this list. For those types of restaurants check-out our list of the 10 Best Steakhouses and the 10 Best Gastropubs in Buenos Aires.

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