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Park Hyatt Palacio Duhau - The Palace Guards are waiting

Patio Bullrich

Trapiche Fond de Cave - Distinctively Argentine

Eat like a Gringo in Buenos Aires

The Shelter Buenos Aires Lox and Bagels

Lox & Bagels

The New York deli classic, consumed in great quantities, especially by New York’s jewish community, is becoming popular in Latin America.  Unfortunately, 99% of the restaurants that say a dish is served on a bagel are not, in fact, serving bagels. Bagels are bagels and whatever Porteños are being told are bagels are in fact, some other bread, in the shape of a Bagel. We’ve been to the city’s top restaurants that claim to serve bagels. Not even close. Even the packaged “bagels” we purchased in Barrio Chino WERE NOT BAGELS. We’ve tried them all. We’ve only found one place in Buenos Aires with the real deal. A New York expat named Jake, is serving up the real deal, weekdays at The Shelter café.  Want real lox and bagels. You’ll have to go to The Shelter, one of our favorite cafés in Buenos Aires.


Restaurants in Mexico City


Waffles, until recently were a bit of mystery to Latinos. But the popularity of the breakfast item in Western Europe and the USA has found its way to Latin America. You can find waffles in restaurants in every major Latin American city just in case you get the urge. If you like your waffles slathered in creamery butter and maple syrup like we do, be sure to order lots of the butter when you order the waffle. They tend to be served with whipped cream and berries instead.

Eggs Benedict in Buenos Aires

Eggs Benedict

Who and where the world’s most famous egg dish was created is the subject of some dispute. Delmonico’s in New York lays claim to creation of the dish. The Waldorf Hotel seems to think it was first served within its humble halls, named after a patron, New York stock broker, Lemuel Benedict. A third account states that it is named after notorious New York yachtsman, Commodore Elias Cornelius Benedict. Whatever the source, the dish has become the emblematic breakfast and brunch dish in the western world. The essential ingredients? An English muffin, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. Without those ingredients, it’s just another egg dish.


Victoria Brown Buenos Aires Café (5) French Toast Tostado Francés

French toast

Five restaurants serving up some pretty good renditions of the French dessert that gringos eat for breakfast!

Restaurants in Mexico City

Best burgers in Buenos Aires

The new “fad” food from Tokyo to Munich, Sydney to Hong Kong, is the fancy artisanal burger. Made with high-quality ingredients, and unusual condiments, the “craft” burger is also the new craze in Latin America. Specialty burger joints are popping up in every major Latin American city and Buenos Aires is no exception. And almost every casual dining spot in the city has added some type of burger to the menu. We’ve eaten a lot of burgers in Buenos Aires. This is our list of eight best restaurants serving the popular hand-held meal. And many of our favorites have multiple locations in Buenos Aires, so there’s a pretty good chance there’s one of these close to you.

Hot Dogs in Mexico City

Hot Dogs in Mexico City

There are plenty of German immigrants that found their way to Latin America, especially in the Southern Cone of South America. And these Germans brought a penchant for sausages with them. And a knack for making some good ones. The obsession of Americans to stuff things inside buns or put them between two slices of bread quickly led to the Hot Dog becoming a symbol of American culinary culture. And the fad seems to be growing. Here are a few of our favorite places to find a decked-out dog in Buenos Aires.

Texas-style Barbecue in Mexico City

Texas-style Barbecue in Buenos Aires

In most of the world the word barbecue denotes grilled meats, primarily steaks. But in the USA it means something very different. Meats smoked up to 16 hours with nothing but warm smoke and no direct heat. Texas-style barbecue is one of the world’s great comfort foods.
Okay. Okay. So, they also serve the stuff in Kansas City and Memphis too. But for our money that Texas cowboy mystique goes perfectly with smoked ribs, brisket and sausages. Here’s three places where you can find this North American classic.

First look
Narda Comedor

Veggie goes gourmet in Buenos Aires restaurants

Thirty seven cups of coffee in Buenos Aires

Pasta meets paper ... CoRE Pasta Bar


Nuestro Secreto Four Seasons Buenos Aires

Basque, you ask? Best upscale Spanish restaurant in Buenos Aires

A comfy easy chair and great cup of coffee