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Las Cañitas is a small sub-barrio of Palermo, skirting the Palermo's northeast border with Belgrano. Although small, it's a hub for both dining and nightlife. Like nearby Palermo Hollywood, it sleeps during the day but becomes a bustling beehive of activity after dark.

This little neighborhood is home to some of the city's best restaurants. We've included the restaurants that are located in the quadrant bounded on the North by Av del Libertador, on the south by Luis María Campos, on the southeast by Dorrego, and on the northwest by Olleros. As such, it includes the city's most financially successful restaurant, Kansas, Argentina's replica of the highly successful chain of American-style bistros owned and operating int he USA by the Hillstone Restaurant Group.

This list includes the highest rated restaurants in Las Cañitas. They garnered 4 stars or better on our rating scale. The list can further be filtered by price range and cuisine.



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Arévalo 2876
Cuisine(s): Eclectic . Cost: $$ . Restaurant type: Brewpub, Casual Dining
Summary: Antares is a microbrewery-style brewpub with multiple locations in Buenos Aires, and Argentina. Menu has a wide variety of reasonably priced food.

Báez 292
Cuisine(s): Grilled Steaks . Cost: $$$$ . Restaurant type: Casual Dining, Steakhouse
Summary: Campo Bravo targets a young, “jet set” crowd. The ambiance and vibe are more energetic and contemporary than your typical Argentine parilla. No hokey “estancia” décor. Steak quality is good. Execution and service on par.

Soldado de la Independencia 1002
Cuisine(s): Coffee - Bread - Pastries . Cost: $$$ . Restaurant type: Cafe, Casual Dining
Summary: Chef Leon, with locations in Las Cañitas and Belgrano, has a small, but unique menu, well-executed. Better than average service. Good French toast!

Av. del Libertador 4984
Cuisine(s): Coffee - Bread - Pastries, Salads, Sandwiches . Cost: $$$ . Restaurant type: Cafe, Casual Dining
Summary: A unique menu, well-executed. Service somewhat lacking. If you’re not a rabbit, try the pork meatball salad. Otherwise, order it with meatballs on the side and donate them to charity.

Báez 252
Cuisine(s): Burgers . Cost: $$$ . Restaurant type: Casual Dining, Hamburger Restaurant
Summary: Heisenburger. Craft burgers with unique condiments. No table service. Typically long lines to place your order and 20 minutes to receive your order. Moderately expensive although combo with fries and drink makes it a bit more reasonable.

Libertador 4625
Cuisine(s): American Cuisine, Eclectic . Cost: $$$ . Restaurant type: Casual Dining
Summary: American-Style Bistro similar to Hillstone / Houston’s restaurants in the states. Polished stone and stained wood decor. Has the feel of nice casino restaurant in Vegas. Busy place. Almost always a wait for table. Pork ribs were great. Super-tasty sa …

Baez 246
Cuisine(s): Mexican . Cost: $ . Restaurant type: Fast Casual
Summary: La Fabrica del Taco serves, as the name implies, tacos. Also Tex-Mex style burritos and quesadillas. Palermo Soho location is a dive. Las Cañitas is a bit more upscale. San Telmo resembles a fast-food restaurant. Tacos, which are fairly authentic, ar …

Baez 301
Cuisine(s): Argentine, Grilled Steaks . Cost: $$$ . Restaurant type: Casual Dining, Steakhouse
Summary: Steaks & Pasta This place takes the quintessential steak- and pasta-centric menu and dresses it up in lipstick and a petty coat (not literally, of course). The result is the Polo themed, rich-man’s version of the classic Porteño Bodegón. We alway …

Báez 227
Cuisine(s): Mexican . Cost: $$$ . Restaurant type: Casual Dining
Summary: Trendy Mexican Food with very nice decor. The chef has attempted to modify and glorify Mexican food but has not been entirely successful. Some of the dishes like the enchiladas were quite tasty, despite being nowhere close to authentic.

Báez 199
Cuisine(s): Eclectic . Cost: $$$$ . Restaurant type: Casual Dining
Summary: Despite a mundane and typical Argentine menu, the ambiance and execution are better than acceptable. Good choice for Eggs Benedict in Buenos Aires.

Báez 268
Cuisine(s): Japanese . Cost: $$$$ . Restaurant type: Upscale Casual
Summary: Sushi club gives you sushi-fusion with creative variations in a sleek and sexy décor with above-average service. Be forewarned. It’s a bit expensive for Buenos Aires.

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