180 Burger Bar

Centro BSAS . Buenos Aires


Overall Rating

  • Meat 80%
  • Bread 80%
  • Condiments 80%
  • French Fries 80%
  • Ambience 80%
  • Service 80%
  • Value 80%

Trapiche Alaris Dulce Consecha

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180 Burger Bar

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Telephone: Restaurant Type: Fast Casual, Hamburger Restaurant Cuisine: EUROPEAN GROUP
Meals Served: Lunch
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Restaurant Features: Take-out, A la carte Menu, Burgers

This restaurant has multiple locations. Please refer to the map for information about each location including hours of operation.

Summary of Review
Burgers only. Dine-in or take-out. Order at the counter, build your burger, pick-it up at the counter. Small dining area as counters. Burgers were juicy and good. Our fave spot downtown for a burger.

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Trapiche Alaris Dulce Consecha

Restaurant Review for 180 Burger Bar

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Rating: 3.8 stars
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180 Burger Bar was one of the few burger specialty spots I had not yet experienced in n Buenos Aires. They have 2 locations downtown, within a few blocks of each other. We headed down to the location on Suipacha 749. No table service. This is another one of those burger bars where you order at the counter and can take your burger with you or sit in the small dining area with several counters and stools. This is a “build your own burger” format where you order the burger with lettuce and tomato and your choice of one of several dressings (sauces) for about US$4.25 (ARS$60) and then add on what you want from there for about 35 cents per ingredient (ARS$5).

They have the usual array of add-ons and a fairly varied list of dressings. For the uninspired you could just opt for mayonnaise or ketchup which is available in squirt bottles on the tables. But for the more adventurous there are spicy options like the Brava (which of course is not really all that hot since this is Argentina, land of the sensitive tongue) or sweeter ones like the Barbacoa (barbeque).

The bun is fresh and moist with lots of little black chia seeds. Not as good as the one on that Pony Line burger that had the melted Asiago cheese on top … but perhaps a close second.

But when it comes to burgers the meat is king at ComaBeba.com. And that’s where the majority of the burgers have failed the test, usually because they are way too lean. Well … this is one of the best yet. It’s pretty easy to tell when a burger has the proper amount of the good stuff. If it drips a little and you need a napkin (or better yet two or three napkins) to eat the burger, well, that’s when you’ve hit pay dirt. And this one passed the test. Seasoned right and finger lickin’ good. And even with all this moist goodness, that bun held together until the last bite. UREKA!

The burger was so good I almost forgot to eat the fries. That would have been a mistake because these were really, really good fries. They got it right. I think these hand cut fries might be dusted with just a little bit of something before they fry them as they have just a little bit of a crust. Whatever it is it works. They’re creamy and buttery soft on the inside and crisp and crunchy outside.

Bottom line, you don’t have to pay 12 bucks for a burger at the Four Seasons or travel to Palermo or San Telmo for a burger if you’re down in the heart of Buenos Aires. If you’re staying in Retiro at any of those fancy hotels or in one of the dozens located downtown you now have a Grade “A” burger available for about 5 bucks within walking distance. At that price you can pig-out and eat two!

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